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The Heelmate® Story

Every great product has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours. People want to know what opportunity we saw and how our passion led to the creation of something so perfect.

Meet the Creators

Carefully researched and Scientifically developed by the creators of one of the finest healthcare products in India. With over 30 years of experience in handling problem solving healthcare categories, Wings Pharma proudly stands with its revolutionary heel care product – Heelmate. Your Heelmate®!

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Why Heelmate®?

Be it summers or winters, most of us are likely to suffer from cracked heels. In winters, the dryness in the air sucks out moisture and causes the heels to crack more often than normal. While skin-dryness is easier to treat, heels take longer to heal. Also, a regular moisturiser doesn’t work in this case. The products available in the market were not up to the mark and even the leading Heel Crack cream was simply a gimmick and had slow results.

The team at Wings Pharma couldn’t sit with the fact that a trouble that affects so many Indians, be it urban or rural, is left unattended. Heel cracks are more often in women and it hinders the beauty of feet for them. We decided to look at the best products in the market and work on something so effective that it shows visible results within a few days.

On our quest to build Heelmate®, we faced a lot of problems shared to us by regular sufferers of cracked heels. One of them was the greasiness and the smell that other products left behind. Other was the time it took to marginally show any results. Some talked to us about the price it takes to repair cracked heels. Some even shared the unwanted effects their creams had on their skin. Some wanted a winter cream, some wanted a summer cream. Everyone had their own want!

Years of research, market testing, quality control and product development led Wings to Heelmate®. Now, instead of hiding the cracked heels with the hem of your dress, a 3 days application of Heelmate® will solve the problem for you. This water based cream contains a unique blend of finest components approved by Podologists and Dermatologists worldwide. No greasy stains, no smell and no rash effects on the skin. Plus, Wings mission of providing affordable healthcare inclined with the pricing of this innovative product. That’s how Heelmate® was born. A proper solution for a problematic case!

Our quest is on to fix the entire foot care range and soon, we will have a solution for every problem that troubles your feet!

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